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Howlite and Magnesite Beads

The red brown web-like matrix of natural white Magnesite is responsible for its nickname “Wild Horse turquoise”. However Magnesite, like Howlite, is not a true turquoise, as it does not contain copper ore. Its luster is also duller and more like unglazed porcelain. It is found in magnesium rich rock types and often dyed blue or blue-green.

The white borate mineral Howlite received its name from the Canadian gemologist Henry How who discovered it in Nova Scotia/Canada. Because of its black veining patterns, it is often colored to imitate the more expensive turquoise gemstone. This stone is said to strengthen memory and to stimulate the desire for knowledge.

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10x10 mm, round, gemstone beads, howlite, white, natural

Gemstone, white howlite, natural, 10x10 mm, round beads - Mohs' hardness 3.5 - one unit is +/- 19 cm and has +/- 19 beads
From €3.30

1x3-2x4 mm, wheel-shaped, gemstone beads, magnesite, light blue

Gemstone, natural magnesite, light blue dyed & stabilized, wheel-shaped beads, 1x3-2x4 mm – Mohs' hardness 4.0 - one unit is +/- 20 cm and has +/- 73 beads
From €3.04