Czech Carved Cruller and Cathedral Beads

Czech premium cruller rondelle beads have all the beauty of faceted rondelles, but with a stunning Starflower cut-out at both ends.

A breathtaking vintage feeling reminiscent of the Art Deco, that is what dune beads' cathedral beads stand for. The long process, from pressing to metalizing and from cutting in facets to fire polishing, lets us discover a stunning 'cathedral' window set between sparkling metalized trim accents. The elegant bead tips, whether in bronze or silver foil or unadorned, will give a high-end look to any jewelry design.

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6x6 mm, cathedral, Czech beads, variegated Spanish green and sky blue, bronze coated sides, garnet luster

Czech fire polished cathedral beads, triangular cut, 6x6 mm – color: variegated transparent Spanish green and opaque sky blue, topped with a touch of garnet red luster, bronze coated sides – one unit has 20 beads
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