Greek Ceramic Beads

To enamel large hole ceramic beads, the terracotta forms are covered in glaze and baked in a specialized oven, a kiln. To create an oil in water effect the enamelled beads are then covered in a luster and undergo the process a second time. The hardened enamel guarantees a wonderful shiny bead.

While matte ceramic shapes are merely colored in the mass and kiln-fired, the metalized ones undergo a more labor intensive process. The terracotta beads in a rough metal coat are fired a second time before finally receiving that much sought after silver or gold coating. These metalized shapes may eventually undergo a chemical process to create an antique patina.

Here at dune beads we love the craftsmanship of our handmade Greek ceramics. Just as you, each piece has its own individuality, each is unique in its flaws, but has so much to offer.  Greek ceramics, thousands of years of expertise!