Czech Art Glass and Hand-cut beads

Czech or Bohemian art glass beads offer you the designer edge to create high-end jewelry with a retro twist. Premium handmade glass beads with a high contrast factor accentuate long dangling earrings. Add to your necklaces to produce geometric accents and integrate a touch of the Art-Deco with dune beadsCathedral, Cruller, Multi-cut and Turbine beads.

Contrarily to fire-polished beads, high-end table-cut beads, also called window cut beads, are manually cut and offer you a one-of-a-kind bead. They come in wonderful colors and shapes, sizes and finishings. Window cut refers to the technique that creates the illusion of a window. After molding and shaping, the beads are finished with a special coating such as a caramel Picasso ... Then both sides of the bead are hand polished to reveal the window beneath. Please allow imperfections and you will love dune beads' choices.